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Snow What
An exciting snowmobile safari for beginners as well as more experienced drivers, after the safety and driving instructions you will drive by snowmobiles through the snowy forests, on a lake ice and frozen marshes. Price includes return transfers from the cabin.
Duration and length, 2-2.5 hours, 20 km 2019-20 Prices Children under 15 in sled €25 - under 15 as passenger €50 and Adults - €80.00
Maybe Northern Lights (Akaslompolo)
This safari takes you into the forest at night so you can try to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights. You will travel at a steady pace, which gives you a chance to see the forest at its most magical, stopping at the mid-point Kota for coffee. There will be a couple of stops on route, so you can watch the night sky to see if the Northern Lights are performing their magic. Price includes return transfers from the cabin.
Duration and length, 2-2.5 hours 25km: - 2019-20 prices Children under 15 in sled €52 - as a passenger €72.80 and Adults - €104.00
Lainio Snow Village (From Akaslompolo)
This safari heads for magnificent Snow Village where you will see all the beautiful snow and ice sculptures. All the rooms in snow hotel are individually decorated with different themes and sculptures, lights and details. After having a soup lunch in the Lainio Inn, it will be time for the return journey. Price includes return transfers from the cabin.
Duration and length: 4-5 hours, 70 km. Prices 2019-20 Child under 15 as passenger €122.50 and Adults - €175.00
Ice Fishing Salmon Seeking (From Akaslompolo)
You will drive the snowmobiles to a wilderness lake, where you will be shown the art of ice fishing. In case you don’t manage to catch any fish there will be coffee and grilled sausages cooked over an open fire in a traditional Lappish tepee. Price includes return transfer from the cabin.
Duration: 4 hours and about 25km - Prices 2019-20 Children under 15 as passenger €101.50 and Adults - €145.00
Snowshoe Trek - Silence of the forest
On this trip you will head for the fells on snowshoes, following the gullies carved be the melting Ice Age snow for about 3km up through the rugged scenery of Ylläs. You will stop for hot drinks around an open fire in one of the many fell shelters. Price includes return transfers from the cabin.
Duration and length: 2.5 hours, 4-5km - 2019-20 Prices Children under 12 - €34.30 and Adults - €49.00
Snowshoe Trek - Darkness of the Forest
When it gets dark we you will start your exploration for the magical Aurora Borealis. You will walk through the silent dark forest to the fire place where we stop for a hot drink. The guide will tell facts about the Northern lights and if you are lucky enough, you might see the magnificent lights of the Arctic sky. Price includes return transfers from the cabin.
Duration and Length: 3.5 hours, 4-5 km - 2019-20 Prices Children under 12 - €37.10 and Adults - €53.00
Pony Trekking In The Wonderland Or To A Lappish Tepee
After dressing warmly everyone will be allocated a horse for the tour. First you will be familiarised with the basics of riding an Icelandic horse, then you will have time to put it all into practice in the riding rink. After a short session you will be able to take the horses out into the forest. The Lappish tepee trek is slightly longer with a stop mid-point for refreshments. Price includes return taxi from the cabin. Price based on minimum of 4 people.
Duration is 1 hours or 2 hours 2018-19 Prices €55 or - €78.00
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Sami's Reindeer Farm - 4 km sleigh ride, including soup lunch
Experience life at a modern reindeer farm and take a glance into the past. You get a chance to feed some of the herd of 100 reindeer, practice lassoing a wooden reindeer, learning how to read earmarks. The reindeer farmer Sami Tiensuu will tell you about reindeer herding today and about its history. While at the reindeer farm you will have a soup lunch and coffee prepared by the hostess of the farm. Everyone can go for a 4 km sleigh ride in a comfortable reindeer sled that seats two persons. In the farm house museum you find our hostess’ Marjut Tiensuu’s reindeer water colour paintings and old utensils. Excursion lasts app. 5 hours Transfer by coach.
Duration and length: 5 hours, 4 km sleigh ride & soup lunch 2018-19 Prices per child 4-14 €79 under 4 are free - €158.00
Reindeer Safari with Hannu (Day and Night time trips available) via mini bus or snowmobile
You will go by car about twenty minutes to Luosu where Hannu and his reindeers will be already waiting for you. After the reindeer are harnessed, you will sit in the sleighs under reindeer skins and head into the snow covered pine forest for a four kilometers long Reindeer sleigh ride. After a half an hour we will come back and feed the reindeer big portions of lichen. For everyone else hot coffee and home made berry juice are ready in a Lappish teepee. Having lived his whole life with the reindeer, Hannu will tell you all about reindeer herding and breeding, he will also be able to answer all your questions about reindeer. This trip can also be done during the evening with the chance of seeing the Northern Lights.
Duration: 3 hours - Minimum group size 4 - 2019-20 prices via snowmobile Adults €185 Children under 12 €129.50 - Via Mini Bus Adults €140 Children under 12 - €98.00
Husky Farm Visit And Sleigh Ride (9 km, 25 km & 40 km Sleigh Rides & overnight)
Your visit will be by bus to a local husky farm. You will take part in a speedy dog sleigh drive through the snowy forest. Two people sharing the sledge taking turns in driving! Afterwards around an open fire the guide will tell you about the life of the dogs and you will be able to enjoy grilled sausages and a hot drink. Price includes return transfers from the cabin.
Duration and length: From 2 hours to overnight, 2019-20 prices 9 km sleigh ride Adults €145 & under 12 €101.50 - 25 km Adults €210 & under 12 €142.80 - 40 km & Over night Adults only price on application

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