By Special Invitation Santa will visit you at your cabin - Äkäslompolo

The snow is thick and sparkling outside, the cabin is warm and cosy but it’s time to put on your thermal suits and make your way outside to see if Santa is coming. Keep a watch out for Santa coming down the pathway on his sleigh pulled by one of his reindeer. This wonderful man will spend some time talking to the children telling them some of the magically things about his Lapland home, about his reindeer and all his helpers. He will bring with him a small gift for each child. Then he will take you on a short sleigh ride, sadly all too soon it will be time to say your goodbye’s to Santa. This will be a truly magical experience, with amazing photo and video opportunities.
Evenings only, Santa will spend approx. 30 minutes with you. 2022-23 price €545 per visit for 2 children additional children €25 per child

Searching for Santa via snowmobile sled and reindeer (transfer via mini bus)

Searching for Santa (available on certain dates in December) The perfect Christmas experience for the whole family! You will be collected from the cabin and taken on a short journey into the forest. Once in the forest you will be met by one of Santa’s Elves who will be waiting to take you along a candle lit pathway to the Elves cottage, here you will be able to help Mrs Claus decorate some of Santa’s favourite gingerbread biscuits and also make some traditional Christmas decorations. One of the Elves will take each family separately on short snowmobile sled and reindeer sleigh ride searching for Santa, who resides in his cottage nearby. Keep a look out for the tell tail sign of smoke rising from the chimney of Santa’ cottage. Once in Santa’s cosy cottage you will be able to ask him about his reindeers and any other special questions you may have. Santa will also have a small gift for each child. It will soon be time to say your good-bye’s and for his Elf to take you back to their cottage, where you can continue having fun playing with the cross country skis, tobogganing, & kick sleds in their back yard. Of course no outdoor activities would be complete without a sausage grill for you to enjoy.
Duration and Length: 2.5 - Minimum total group size 8 - 2022 Price Adults €205 Children 4-12 €192 under 4 are free

Dream of Joulkka - Santa, Elf School & Command Centre trip in Rovamiemi

Available: Thursdays at 15:00, Fridays and Saturdays at 16:00 and on Tuesdays at 9:00 from 1.12.2015 to 9.1.2016 Exception: on 24.12.2014 starts at 09:00!!! Duration: 3 hours (including transportation from within Rovaniemi) Welcome to the forest of dreams! Come and discover how the Elves are spending their days in Joulukka and join in the legendary 'Santa Helpers Training School' with the Elves. After graduating from the course, your new friends will lead you to the Fairytale Path. The path will lead you towards the Elves best kept secret: Santa's Command Centre, where the Elves are already busy preparing for Christmas and where you will of course have a chance to meet Santa himself.
Program Duration 2.5-3 total time including transfers from Äkäslompolo 7 hours - 2017-8 Price for a private group of 5 €2546 - 2017-8 price for the weekly program for family of 4 (2 adults 2 kids) €1253 or for a family of 5 (2 adults 3 kids) €1392

Dream of Joulukka - Christmas Eve Special at 19:00

The elves are very kind creatures and they need your help in one of the most important tasks for Santa's Helpers: The little ones of the forest deserve a Christmas feast too so lets dress in our warmest clothes and go and offer something nice to eat fir the animals of Joulukka. If you are really lucky you might even see some of the shy creatures behind the trees in the light of the torches! Joulukka forest is full of beautiful trees, but finding the right Christmas tree can be a little difficult. Luckily the Elves have their favourite spots in the forest and soon with your help the tree will be standing inside the Tokka restaurant. Once the tree is lit, you can help to decorate the tree, there will also be dancing and singing around the Christmas tree. After dinner Santa will join you for a Christmas Celebration and bring with him a sack full of gift for the children. What a perfect Christmas dinner
Program Duration 3 hours including transportation from Äkäslompolo 7 hours - 2017-8 Price family of 4 (2 adults 2 children) €1337 - family of 5 (2 adults 3 children) €1498

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