Bear Watching and Photography

We are now agents for the Wild Brown Bear Company in Finland and are able to arrange bear watching and photography trips to Kuhmo on the Finnish Russian boarder.

The Wild Brown Bear site is located at the site of the old Finnish Russian border. The accommodation rooms are basic, but comfortable and clean, with en-suite shower rooms. Meals are taken in the new purpose built building housing the auditorium, library and dining room. There is also a smoke sauna down by the lake for guests to use.

After your safety briefing you will be provided with you evening snacks and drinks and taken down to the bear hides, which are 700m from the accommodation for your evening of viewing. If you are lucky the bears, wolverines, foxes and eagles will come to the area. There are about 12 different hides located around the lake and the bears come out of the forest searching the wetland area for the tip bits that have been placed the other side of the lake to encourage the animals into the area. Considering their size the bears just seem to materialise out of the forest it's an amazing sight and well worth the wait.

The first Bear of the 2017 season arrived on the night of April 10th. After the first Bear visiting, a number of different Bears remained to visit quite regularly throughout April despite the cold and wintery conditions. Bears arrived at the earliest 6:30 pm, and as usual explored the whole hide area - therefore possibility for photography and observation were very good! We were also lucky enough to observe the Bears during the full moon, which occurred on the April 10th and 11th. The snow in April was hard enough to carry the weight of the heavy Bears, however, they still trod carefully and occasionally fell through the crust of the snow, which made amusing situations. In May we were visited by at least seven different Bears, four of which were alone. Also visited was a mother Bear with two cubs - who also visited back in autumn every day! Do you remember September Newsletter and the Bears: Mother ‘Lumikki’ and two cubs: light cub ‘Baby Lumikki’ and darker cub ‘Bjärven’? After mid-May this lovely family continued to visit on a nightly basis, exploring the hide area. Large amounts of snow make it difficult for them to efficiently move, but still, they visited without fail.

Trips are available from 01.04 to 30.09
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